New Terry Lynn & Johan Hugo – “Need To Find”

You know Johan as Radioclit, which is basically the very best DJ name. And you know Radioclit from The Very Best, the collab project Hugo has with Malawi’s Esau Mwamwaya. This project pairs the UK-via-Sweden producer with Kingston’s Terry Lynn, an ascendant voice in dancehall circles. The two have partnered on a new five-track album It Was Written, commissioned by Red Stripe as a celebration of “the worldwide influence, importance and appeal of the rhythms and pulse of Jamaican music.” After a few spins I find myself repeating “Need To Find,” which sounds like Ludacris’s “Roll Out” bass line, stoned and rolled up into some textured, electro-fied reggae and Terry’s soulful vocals. You’ll find that, along with the lead single “Jamaican Girls,” right here:

Terry Lynn & Johan Hugo – “Need To Find” (MP3)
Terry Lynn & Johan Hugo – “Jamaican Girls” (Clean Edit) (MP3)

“Jamaican Girls” is getting a video soon, and Lynn + Hugo’s Red Stripe Presents: It Was Written is out now. Also, the whole thing is a free download at You have to be 21 to grab it, so be sure to enjoy responsibly.

In other Radioclit news, The Very Best’s Warm Heart Of Africa LP is on its way. Here’s the title track, and last year’s amazing mixtape is still a free download (.zip).