New Clientele – “I Wonder Who We Are”

“I Wonder Who We Are” is the fakeout opening track on the Clientele’s forthcoming fourth album Bonfires On The Heath. “Fake out” because just when you think they’ve gone upbeat cheery, we get the smeary, languorous late-October title track, the beautifully harmonized scarecrow and bat-lined “Harvest Time,” a couple songs with “night” in the title, etc. In other words, don’t let what you’re about to hear give you the wrong impression: Outside the psych-rock nugget “Sketch” and the funky “Share the Night,” the London band’s God Save The Clientele followup is just as slow-release dusky as past material. If not more so. Of course, even sunnier tracks are subtly detailed and stitched with shadows. Get happy, downcast romantics.

The Clientele – “I Wonder Who We Are” (MP3)

The tracklist:

01 “I Wonder Who We Are”
02 “Bonfires on the Heath”
03 “Harvest Time”
04 “Never Anyone But You”
05 “Jennifer & Julia”
06 “Sketch”
07 “Tonight”
08 “Share the Night”
09 “I Know I’ll See Your Face”
10 “Never Saw Them Before”
11 “Graven Wood”
12 “Walking In The Park”

Bonfires On The Heath is out 10/6 via Merge.