The Outsiders: Vol. 5

Not all of Stereogum’s favorite sounds conform to what folks expect us to cover. In this space, resident Bananafish fetishist Brandon Stosuy focuses on bands, albums, singles, and villages in Sweden that may otherwise pass by unnoticed. This installment’s eclectic virtual milk crate contains Prurient, Prurient – Kevin Drumm, Ocrilim, and a little something from Eystek

This past week, on a suitably rainy night, I met up with Prurient/Ash Pool pal Dominick Fernow at Hospital Productions, the noise and extreme metal record store he runs in Manhattan (and which takes the same name as his label). After blabbing a while, and before nabbing some Chinese, he gave me the CD version of All Are Guests In The House Of The Lord, his collaboration with Chicago experimental improviser, wicked prepared guitarist, and metal encyclopedia Kevin Drumm. Dominick was about to skip town for a brief tour though England with Drumm, so the album — it was initially released as a now out-of-print cassette — seemed all the more timely. By coincidence, the next day I found myself listening to and loving Prurient’s forthcoming album, the first full-length since 2006’s Pleasure Ground (Load). It’s excellent. With everything coming up Prurient, I decided to make the next Outsiders installment a little Dom-heavy, so here it is: MP3s and tour dates after the jump.


This is from the Drumm collaboration:

Prurient – Kevin Drumm – “On This Slab” (MP3)

If you want more of Kevin, he somewhat recently released the Purge cassette on the Swedish label iDEAL (while you’re at the site, check out the news on “24 Hour Drone People”). But what really sparked all of this is the straight-up and unassisted Prurient of And Still, Wanting forthcoming 2/15 on No Fun. If you get the initial pressing, it also comes with a 5″ record that contains two short tracks, “Shield – Prologue” and “Shield – Epilogue.” As you should be able to guess, they stand on either end of And Still, Wanting. Sing along to “Lust End” below. The lyrics are easy: “This is a lesson.”

Prurient – “Lust End” (MP3)

In case you missed it, I’m also posting an “oldie” from Pleasure Ground, one of the best albums to come out in ’06. Another Pleasure Ground track, “Apple Tree Victim,” was my favorite song that year (I put it in writing).

Prurient – “Earthworks” (MP3)

That one went out to Robert Smithson. If you’re in England, catch Prurient and Drumm live:

01/28 – Nottingham, England @ The Chameleon
01/29 – London, England – Barden’s Boudoir
01/30 – Newcastle, England @ World Headquarters
01/31 – Bristol, England @ The Croft

And, speaking of productive people, you should probably remember the Mick Barr groove-lock from Outsiders Vol. 1. I hate to hiccup so quickly, but he has a massive new album Annwn forthcoming 2/5 on Hydra Head, so here’s a bit of that. If you hurry up, HH made 50 Ocrilim coffee mugs you can purchase. I’m not kidding. Here. My old plain white mug will do, but hell, they’re pretty great. In order to grasp the magnitude of the record, here’s the track list:

01 “Part 1″ (13:05)
02 “Part 2″ (15:22)
03 “Part 3″ (8:59)
04 “Part 4″ (10:18)
05 “Part 5″ (13:05)
06 “Part 6″ (11:25)
07 “Part 7″ (7:23)

This is part five. If you liked OV…. actually, Annwn is less loop-y and somewhat more (conventionally) dynamic than OV, as you should be able to tell from this.

Ocrilim – “Annwn (Part 5)” (MP3)

Brilliant? More Ocrilim and access to other “O” bands at MySpace. While you’re in that neck of the net, check out a few songs by Eystek. I’ve always liked these folks, but they’re getting more and more interesting and accomplished at what they do, even if they haven’t logged-in for a while. Here.