New Basement Jaxx (Feat. Santigold) – “Saga”

On the heels of their resounding return to form “Raindrops,” UK electrobeat gurus Basement Jaxx are now busy leaking scraps from their forthcoming Scars. Smart move since everybody’s wondering if any other of the LP’s tracks — or its myriad cameo list — can hold a candle to the slippery spunk of that sensational single. is streaming a couple right now that don’t quite raise the bar but hold promise via the thumping Cee-Lo-styled electro-soul of “She’s No Good” (feat. Lightspeed Champion) and the cosmic marimba chill-out cut “Distrakionz,” and as far as that guest list goes, you can try out “Saga” here. It features Santigold because of course it features Santigold. Some warped strings and squalls segue into Santi reprising her “Creator” intro before the whole thing takes on a hoppy schizo ska vibe. There’s a lot going on aka it’s a Basement Jaxx song.

Scars is due 9/21 via XL. And some bonus: B. Jaxx covering Little Boots’ “New In Town” on the BBC: