New WHY? – “This Blackest Purse”

It’s not that this new WHY? song is necessarily emo, and I don’t mean to use the term as a value judgment, but “The Blackest Purse” does include the phrase “earnest hands,” the sentence “still sporting my ex-girlfriend’s dead ex-boyfriend’s boxers,” and cups it all in a plaintive recital piano with backup harmonies — “Mom, am I failing?” — redolent of Mineral (a band Yoni Wolf would find a way to rhyme with “intimate decibel”). The slow-growing, balladic sing-song is from the Bay Area crew’s Alopecia followup Eskimo Snow. It was recorded during the same session as the last collection, but sounds world’s apart, so get your lighters and your tears ready. I partially kid. I partially can’t wait for the reunited Get Up Kids to cover it.

WHY – “This Blackest Purse” (MP3)
(Via P4K)

Eskimo Snow is out 9/22 in the U.S. via anticon and 10/5 in the UK via Tomlab.

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