Siren Festival 2009 In Photos

The Voice’s annual indie rock fest gave audiophiles the second good reason to visit Coney Island last week, bringing out everyone from Spank Rock to Future Of The Left to Built To Spill on a sunny Saturday afternoon. We sent Natasha Ryan to eat all the hot dogs and take all the pictures, sadly missing the only NYC appearances from Japandroids and Micachu & The Shapes for at least a few months. Monotonix delivered a typically hairy and photogenic set, and Spank Rock delivered a (these days) typically brief one, reportedly doing like three songs before crashing over the stage barrier and laying still for 20 minutes as Ninjasonik and Amanda Blank picked up the slack. I wasn’t there, but I did start reading tweets about a supposed guerrilla Spank Rock show at 12AM on the Williamsburg Bridge. So I walked there, and sure enough Naeem was hanging from metal rapping into megaphones and boomboxes while about 200 people drank, smoked, and danced in highly illegal fashion. Spank did four songs, I guess equaling his Siren output, before the thing just became a DJ party. No arrests (by the time I left at 1:30AM, at least). Some terribly shady pics of that madness here, here, and here, and some much better photos of the day at Siren in this photo gallery.