Goldfrapp Covers Klaxons

Artists paying homage to their contemporaries via cover tunes isn’t strictly a British phenomenon, but at least when captured in studio, it seems they float over to us from the other side of the Atlantic more often than not. (Even when it’s an American band over there, ala Foo.) Like the Fighters’ Fire take, Alison and Will found themselves in Jo Whiley’s Live Lounge this past Saturday when moved by the cover spirit. As we’ve seen and heard from their forthcoming Seventh Tree LP, Goldfrapp’s been exploring a softer side, in extending that airy touch to Klaxons’ “It’s Not Over Yet” they reveal it and its four-note motif to be even more gripping than you remember.

Beautiful, really. And while Klaxons have indulged in some cover love themselves, after this they should expect to be on the receiving end even more.

Goldfrapp’s Seventh Tree is out 2/26 on Mute, Klaxons’ Gravity’s Rainbow is out now via Geffen.

UPDATE: As Mark points out, we should be clear, here. Goldfrapp is covering Klaxons’ arrangement of “It’s Not Over Yet,” which itself was a cover of Planet Perfecto (aka Paul Oakenfold)’s “Not Over Yet” … which was a reworked/restructured remix of “Not Over” by dance act Grace (featuring Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osbourne).

It’s okay if that was confusing. This will be easier with examples. Check all the versions after the jump.

Planet Perfecto (Feat. Grace) – “Not Over”

Klaxons – “It’s Not Over Yet”

Grace – “Not Over”