New Washed Out – “Feel It All Around”

In a similarly dreamy realm as fellow Columbia, South Carolina multi-instrumentalist and friend Toro y Moi, Washed Out, aka Ernest Greene, gets us ready for a chilly summer (or July Language, if you’re thinking Belong) with the woozy ambiance of “Feel It All Around.” It’s like a more insular Quiet Village until the vocals start and draw you a few steps closer, but the ending fade makes the whole thing disappear before you get a chance to burrow in deeply enough. This fleetingness is maybe part of its charm. And, why do I keep thinking about “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss“?

Washed Out – “Feel It All Around” (MP3)
(Via GvsB)

Washed Out – “You’ll See It” (MP3)

Expect a cassette from Mirror Universe, who’re also bringing along a Toro y Moi tape on 7/28. You can hear additional Washed Out sounds at MySpace.

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