Michael Stipe Does Comedy In NYC

All set to Accelerate, R.E.M.’s been raising their profile downtown of late with that infamous trip to an LES sex shop and subsequent video. Mr. Stipe’s latest public outing is decidedly less kinky and possibly more funny: Michael stopped in to read some lines at Shoot The Messenger, the weekly comedy show from the mind of Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead. Show staffer Carol had herself a moment with Michael onstage. Via Drink At Work:

[M]y brief time on stage last night was shared with Michael Stipe. I’m not someone who particularly cares about famous people, but since he was basically my teenage/twenty-something hero it was kind of otherwordly. We chatted a bit in the dressing room with Lizz before the show and I found him to be incredibly nice, funny and slightly introverted in an affable way. For the show, he just did a walk-on and I got to be the person who ran on stage and took him off.

Working with Vincent Moon, touring with Modest Mouse and the National, stints at comedy clubs — supernatural, superindie. We’ll try and update with info on the jokes told. For now, check the pic:

Michael Stipe does comedy at Shoot The Messenger
[Photo by withreservation.com]

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