Previously Unreleased Weezer Cut On Guitar Center Comp

After the other day people might put a little less stock in the phrase “previously unreleased Weezer cut,” especially if those people are bloggers that used to be in Sleater-Kinney. But this one isn’t like that i.e. it isn’t a disheartening look at Rivers’s (d)evolution as a pithy power-pop songwriter: Weezer has an old track recorded during pre-production during the Green Album appearing on the latest GAIN compilation, which the band curated by selecting songs by Guitar Center employees that have bands (i.e. like all the Guitar Center employees). It’s a splashy and energetic two-minute workout called “Everybody Go Away,” which ironically would be a more meaningful and better title for their new tunes — although really anything would be better than “I’m Your Daddy” and “The Girl Got Hot.”

“Everybody Go Away

Re: The GAIN Fresh Cuts Vol. 4 comp, Guitar Center says: “A limited run of 50,000 CDs have been pressed and are available for FREE at all Guitar Center locations while supplies last.” More info here. And a reminder: Weezer have LP7 and a million other things on the way.

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