New Evangelicals Video – “Midnight Vignette”

When we gave our gushing preview of Evangelicals great new record and mentioned a childhood diet that surely included Scooby Doo reruns, “Midnight Vignette” was sort of what we had in mind, which sounds just like a cheeky take on the soundtrack to a chase scene for a b-movie horror flick. (As the band’s said themselves, there’s a dash of Rocky Horror to this show.) Rather awesomely, Josh Jones’s sprawling psych-pop crew take those tones and splash them all over the video for “Vignette,” which is essentially a drive-in slasher flick in four-minute form. You just need twenty seconds to get the feel for the full clip, but the song is what we’re really tripping over.

Guillemots, Evangelicals, it’s a good day for over-the-top pop.

The excellent The Evening Descends is out now via the equally excellent Dead Oceans.

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