New Kooks Video – “Always Where I Need to Be”

Pete Townshend loves the Kooks so much he’s featured them on Attic Jam and ran around Austin with them in ’06. Lily Allen, she doesn’t like them so much. Remember, she went to the same private school as vocalist Luke Pritchard, dissed them, and ended up covering their tune “Naïve” to make peace. No offense to Lily, because her opinion is appreciated, but if we were members of the Brit pop quartet, we might take more solace in the former than the latter. In their Malloy-directed video for the Konk track “Always Where I Need To Be” the band wanders around New York City with their impeccable hair and rock-star wiles. We see the lads at Coney Island, in some Brooklyn industrial spaces, eating pizza, drinking fancy drinks in big cars, and standing by that Chico mural of Joe Strummer.

The Kooks. The Strokes. Whatevs. We challenge you to skee-ball. They’ll be at everyone’s favorite festival Sasquatch!

Konk is out 4/14 on Virgin.

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