Yoni Wolf (WHY?) Covers Pavement

WHY? founding member and lead man Yoni Wolf pays tribute to another adept phrase turner with this cover of Pavement’s “Shoot The Singer (1 Sick Verse),” from that band’s 1992 EP Watery, Domestic. Wolf is sitting alone at the piano here, so it’s a rearrangement bathed more in the sort of bathos we heard on the first single from WHY?’s forthcoming LP, “This Blackest Purse.” In his own words:

I heard [“Shoot The Singer (1 Sick Verse)” recently and I just always have liked that song. I like that EP a lot, but that song specifically, I took to it. So today and yesterday, I just thought, “well, let me try to learn it.” I learned it on the piano and just like everything, I always make everything slow and dark. But their version is, I don’t want to say danceable, but it’s a little more driving.

Now, in his own voice:

Yoni Wolf – “Shoot the Singer (1 Sick Verse)” (MP3)

Compare with the Malkmus:

Yoni’s cover comes from a session recorded for thebaybridged.com, who also had him do similarly toned interpretations of Alopecia’s “Brook & Waxing” along with “Against Me” and the title track from their forthcoming full-length Eskimo Snow. Grab MP3s of all of them here.

Eskimo Snow is out 9/22 in the US via anticon and 10/5 in the UK via Tomlab.

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