New Sally Shapiro – “Hold Me So Tight” (Cansecos Remix)

We like Sally Shapiro. We do. Good for us, then, on 4/15 Paper Bag’s releasing Remix Romance Vol. 1, a collection of 10 remixed Shapiro tunes by folks/crews like the Juan MacClean, Holy Fuck, Skatebård, Junior Boys, Lindstrøm, and the Cansecos, who’ve gone and posted their take on “Hold Me So Tight” at MySpace. The new wave-y Torontonians do a good job bolstering, not stripping bare. It feels as warm as the original, but with added accouterments. Also if you have a moment, please look at their top friends after the first line of their label and band pals. Did we just enter a Fall Out Boy convention? Well, who can blame the ladies … the dudes do have such a nice living room.