Jeff Tweedy Has Migraines

Ever go to a Wilco show and watch Jeff Tweedy puke sidestage, and just assume it was the drugs? OK you may have been right about that. But also there’s a chance you were making an ass out of u and me; today thanks to LHB we are reminded that Jeff Tweedy is a life-long migraine sufferer, via his guest post on the New York Times migraine blog. Also, today we learn the New York Times has a migraine blog. NYT’s been good to Jeff Tweedy the writer (remember when he confessed his dreams of being a rock critic and wrote a column for the paper about his favorite new bands?).

So this is some soul baring stuff, though — Jeff’s had a rough go with migraines (and panic disorder) since childhood; his post reads like a migraine memoir, tracing his confusion and pain as a young boy and how that shaped his issues later in life. We learn that it shaped A Ghost Is Born’s “Spiders (Kidsmoke)” and “Less Than You Think (which “ends with a 12-minute drone that was an attempt to express the slow painful rise and dissipation of migraine in music”), helped him justify his drug use (“for me, having very real physical pain was a very easy way to convince myself (and a lot of doctors) that there was something different about me”), and perhaps the saddest fact of all: “[That people assumed he was] completely out of my mind on drugs or strung out … didn’t have any kind of long term impact on how people perceived the band, though. Crazy in my business, that sort of thing is considered an asset. Sick but true.”

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