Bat For Lashes Brings “Sleep Alone” To Fallon

James Fallon invited Natasha Khan to perform the latest Two Suns single on his late night show yesterday. That’d be “Sleep Alone,” which has a video and a remix, and is a sexy, synthy document of a restless, loveless, and solitary night in Khan’s bed. After seeing her dance across increasingly larger stages over the past few years, it’s almost like the Late Night soundstage (which incidentally has never looked smaller) can’t contain her, which makes for its own brand of interesting TV. And it looks like Jimmy took my suggestion last week (more believable to think he just found Natasha particularly compelling), because Bat For Lashes gets one of the warmer and more sincere post-performance congratulations I can remember. And hey Demi, looks like Ashton Kutcher was into it, too.

As for Bat For Lashes’ Lolla set: it may have been “highly praised,” but it definitely didn’t feature the best dancing.

Two Suns is out.