At Langerado, Party Like It’s 1995

While we were in NYC resting our legs for the upcoming Texan good times, thousands of music lovers went south for Langerado on the Big Cypress Indian Reservation. Looks like it was a hot, sweaty fun time down there. It also looked a lot like the mid-’90s (Arrested Development!). Which is a good look for unabashed nostaligists like ourselves. For instance … you might have read a little about that Blind Melon reunion. Now you can watch a little about it. “No Rain”…

From that distance the guy could pass for Shannon @ Woodstock, give or take a ponytail or two. More from ten years ago: Michael Stipe offers up “Electrolite” but makes sure to let you know he’s “glad the fuck it’s the 21st century.”

But first, some political stumping. (You can’t see it but they’re saying his tee read OBAMA.)

To complete the nostalgia trifecta: “So What’cha Want.”

We’ll spare you the 311.