Walkmen Play The Guggenheim, Have Arty Video To Prove It

On Friday (8/14), the Walkmen played the Guggenheim Museum with High Places as part of the “It Came From Brooklyn” concert series. Ray Concepcion captured a portion of the Walkmen’s set in a high-quality video he dedicates to Les Paul. He notes it was “filmed in one continuous shot” and that “[a]ll visual effects were done in the camera, as [he] was shooting.” He also notes headphones are recommended for playback, so please plug-in to capture the ambiance of the space. As far as songs, you get the well-traveled “In The New Year” along with fellow You & Me tracks “On The Water” and “Red Moon.”

“In The New Year”

“On The Water”

“Red Moon”

The Walkmen can also be found at Monolith and Austin City Limits.

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