New Boris Video – “My Neighbor Satan”

If you’ve ever seen Boris live, you know their sets can get kinda long. (“Kinda” being a massive Sunn O)))-sized understatement.) The fangsanalsatan and Ryuta Murayam-directed video for “My Neighbor Satan” isn’t long, but it is a static long take — a different kind of duration. Very Replacements-y of them, no? It’s also out of focus. See, when you live next door to Satan, you stand very still and try to blend into the milky-white scenery.

OK, maybe not the most exciting video in the world, Fuck Buttons fans, but it is a chance to hear a dreamily pretty, emotional rocker from the Japanese trio’s new album Smile. If you want something with a little more garage-y post-Pink oomph, check out the video for another Smile tune, “Statement”…

Wata always manages to looks so calm, even when she’s shredding. (She deserves your Ms. Indie Rock votes next year, by the way.) Here’s the MP3:

Boris – “Statement” (MP3)

Smile is out 4/29 on Southern Lord.

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