Smashing Pumpkins Won’t Make Any More Records … Unless They Will

Record sales are in the shitter. Kids like the singles, albums lose money, etc. … so, nothing about Spinner’s recent interview with Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin seemed particularly out of place or controversial. On what he and Billy had in store for their future studio efforts, Chamberlin said:

“But I don’t think we will make records again,” the drummer explains, pointing out that the band’s contractual commitment to Reprise Records is finished. “I look at it like the old business model is dead and the music business doesn’t know how to move forward. We want to keep things vital and keep things viable and get our music across while remaining relevant. Music has in many ways just become an advertisement for your tour.

“I think what we’ll do is start releasing songs,” Chamberlin continues. “The record or CD format places too many limitations on your piece of art. People just don’t buy records anymore. Anyone under the age of 24 just buys songs. It’s just in our best interest to release blocks of songs. And I think what we’ll do – not to let the cat out of the bag too much – is to create the framework where we can release a number of songs and maybe create a title. We can gather three or four songs, but it will all flow up to a larger body of work. But to call it record in the traditional sense would be anachronistic.”

Fair enough! Zeitgeist might’ve hit harder if it was 10 songs shorter. But when we checked in with the link for this post, we found the interview was removed. Maybe Spinner’s interviewer made the whole thing up? Alas his name is John D. Luerssen, not Scott Templeton. Maybe Reprise (or the Pumpkins attorneys) thought better of floating the info. In this day and age of screengrabs and message boards, though, nothing’s ever really deleted. You can find the original article here.

Regardless, the Pumpkins won’t be making any more records, unless they will. More bits for Smashing fans from the disappeared interview include a note that the “recently released stripped-down EP American Gothic ‘is not an indication of the direction [of the band’s future material]… That was more of an experiment that Billy and I wanted to do. We wanted to see what it would sound like if we gave ourselves four days to record a song, like in the old days.'” Also Jimmy (possibly) notes that the band is in fact going in a grander direction, with future stage shows featuring 8-10 people instead of just five! Which of course means Billy better start stocking up on the shower curtain vinyl for all those extra costumes like now.