Bob Mould On Sexing The Sex Pistols

OK, he was actually pushed into making a decision with a good ol’ fashioned game of “who would you rather fuck?” We realize the punk progenitors might not be his first choice for bedmates, but the exchange Mould has with Gay Magazine is fun. If only they’d thought to make the headline “Who’d You Rather Dü?”

Via DailySwarm:

Gay Magazine: Would you want to play a quick round of “Who would you rather sleep with?”

Bob Mould: What are the choices?

Gay Magazine: OK, first one: Johnny Rotten or Sid Vicious?

BM: Oh, my God! Sid Vicious.

Gay Magazine: Really? I thought you’d go for Johnny.

BM: I know Johnny, he’s a sweetheart. But of the two of them? Sid. I tend to like them more on the rougher side.

Gay Magazine: Jake Shears or Rufus Wainwright?

Bob Mould:Couldn’t you put Babydaddy in there and make it easy? [Laughs.] Probably Jake.

Gay Magazine: Rob Halford or Jim Morrison?

Bob Mould: Umm… Rob Halford. [Laughs.]This game is craziness! Let’s stop!

Gay Magazine: One more? Robert Blake or Phil Spector?

Bob Mould: Robert Blake of Baretta? Much hotter. OK, let’s stop this game!

Maybe getting stuck playing awkward games like this with Gay Magazine is why Michael Stipe stayed openly ambiguous for so long. Also, we just realized — Hüsker Dü didn’t make EW’s “Indie Rock 25.” That’s umlautrageous. (Right, sorry.)

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