Meth-Addled Fergie Thought FBI Was Hiding In Muffins

Meth is definitely not funny, kids. But, if you Google “methface,” you get links to pictures of Fergie. That’s funny. We’re serious, it’s how we found the image for this post. It’s no wonder our second favorite Black Eyed Pea is so associated with the drug. In the April issue of Marie Claire, she discusses one of her meth-ier moments. For those of you who read the headline: She’s talking about actual muffins, not her lady lumps…

Via ABC News:

I had about 20 different conspiracy theories. I painted the windows in my apartment black so they couldn’t see in,” Fergie told Marie Claire, explaining that she thought the FBI was after her during her brief addiction to methamphetamines around 2001.

One day, when I was about 90 pounds, a guy comes up to me. … I’m searching in the bushes for clues about whatever they’re after me for. I’m in a cowboy hat and red lips. He hands me a muffin. I’m thinking, he’s in on it.

Her meth stories are so risiculous.