Your Invite To The Breeders’ Mountain Battles Release Party

The Breeders are taking their time between releases, for sure, but as long as what they put out is as good as the excellent Mountain Battles, we’re not complaining. About that listening party invite, it’s a good news bad news thing: Bad news is, it already happened. Good news, it’s up on Vimeo, of course. The better news is the band are really pretty adorable in it, looking and acting cozy and homey at the actual listening party with friends in Dayton. We get to see Kim wipe clean a test pressing and drop the needle, and from then the video features the properly mastered audio of the LP, set to footage of the Breeders blowing up balloons, posing for photos, and cutting a vinyl cake. At the least, it’s a full album stream. At the most, you may just want to trek to Ohio and move in with the Deals.

Mountain Battles is out 4/7 in the UK and 4/8 in the US via 4AD.

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