Stream David Lynch Crazy Clown Time

Well friends, after a trailer and a Karen collabO, a title track and a Progress Report, David Lynch essentially earned himself an Artist To Watch tag after 30+ years of being our finest American dream surrealist and a literal artist to watch. During that storied cinematic run, David was instrumental in the composition and curation of the iconic music that gave his titles that made your heart do those existential curlicues, so it is both with a sense of duty and a recognition that so far, this album is sounding pretty good on its face, that you should head to NPR and stream the damn thing. It is Halloween (STILL), after all, and I know some of you are working up Laura Palmer outfits (still!). I saw one on Friday.

Crazy Clown Time is out next week via PIAS in the States, and Sunday’s Best abroad.

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