Sigur Rós – “Lúppulagið”

From the special edition of the live Sigur Rós DVD/album INNI comes “Lúppulagið,” a previously unreleased studio affair that has that the piano-plinked serenity that is so quintessentially this band in their more peaceful moments. Jónsi is cast into chirping and cooing samples that are at a low volume, and never steps beyond that role, so just know that if you cry (and you might!), it will be because of the instrumental aura of fog-at-dawn sublimity rather than some heart-shattering falsetto. Either way, does the trick:

(via CoS)

INNI is out 11/7 in Iceland, 11/15 in the US. You can pre-order it at the band’s site. There’s also “Klippa,” if you are at work assembling the INNI puzzle.

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