New Thee Fair Ohs – “Summer Lake”

Thee Fair Ohs are a UK trio who seem to be into puns. Judging from “Summer Lake,” they’re not into wasting time. After lulling us with a 25-second drum roll, tambourine, and pretty arpeggios, they barrel into one of the most immediate (and addictive) summer anthems we’ve heard in a while. It’s all over in under 3-minutes. Their off-kilter tropical post-punk energy’s reminiscent of Abe Vigoda. And, as far as the raucous garage-y aspects of their sound, it’s no coincidence they were photographed hanging out with Wavves and Women. They’re also on that aforementioned G.G. Allin tribute 7″ with Male Bonding, PENS, and Graffiti Island, which should give some insight, too.

Thee Fair Ohs – “Summer Lake” (MP3)
(Via The Fader)

They’re also into Paul Simon and Paul Simon on LSD.

[Photo by Alex de Mora]