Morrissey @ Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles 11/26/11

Without a new album to promote, Morrissey still easily sold out the Shrine Auditorium in Moz Angeles. The seventeen song set included a handful of songs from The Smiths (“I Want The One I Can’t Have”, “I Know Its Over”, “Meat Is Murder” and “Still Ill”) as well as a few new unreleased tunes “Action Is My Middle Name” and “People Are The Same Everywhere”. Hopefully you got there early, cuz the USC-UCLA football game across the street made traffic and parking a nightmare. Check out the pictures above and the setlist after the jump.

The setlist:
01 “I Want The One I Can’t Have”
02 “You’re The One For Me, Fatty”
03 “You Have Killed Me”
04 “When I Last Spoke To Carol”
05 “Black Cloud”
06 “Maladjusted”
07 “Alma Matters”
08 “Ouija Board, Ouija Board”
09 “Meat Is Murder”
10 “Satellite of Love”
11 “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris”
12 “Action Is My Middle Name”
13 “All The Lazy Dykes”
14 “People Are The Same Everywhere”
15 “I Know It’s Over”
16 “Speedway”
17 “Still Ill”

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