Azari & III – “Reckless With Your Love” Video

Last we saw Azari & III, they were in vogued-out poses and engulfed in flame, blood, and vials in the masterfully edited clip for “Manic.” This set a high bar for their future video endeavors because that video was awesome. Their next clip is stepping back in time, to one of last year’s best dance tracks (that spawned one of last year’s best remixes), “Reckless With Your Love.” This song is and may forever be the band’s hallmark, a fantastically sassed nod to early ’90s house, and so they have thrown a whole lot of gimmicks into the clip: cut-up club urchin wardrobe, lyrics flashing in a survey of history’s digital-font typography, a life-sized stuffed teddy bear dancing, and a skyscraper-sized amazon woman with a ram’s head in a bikini ripping the spire off of said skyscraper. If this video is not successful in your eyes, it is not for their lack of effort. If it is not successful in your ears, it is however for your lack of effort; this is a jam. Directed by Geoge Vale & Alphonse Alixander Lanza III, shot in Toronto and also in outer space.

Here’s Tensnake’s remix of this track, if you aren’t up on it.