Weezer @ The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood 9/21/09

A few hundred fans answered a mailing list call to attend an afternoon Weezer show in Los Angeles yesterday, where the band played a 30 minute set for a forthcoming, Guitar Hero-sponsored Yahoo Music webcast. There was one new song — “(If You Are Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” — a bunch of songs you know the words to (“Buddy Holly,” “Hash Pipe,” “Why Bother?,” “Pork & Beans,” etc.) and some combat rock with a cover of “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” The group’s seventh album Raditude is out 10/27 which is probably around when you can expect to see it on the web; until then there are photos from the lens of LA correspondent Andrew Youssef, and the =w= setlist:

0.5 “War Pigs” (Intro)
01 “Hash Pipe”
02 “I Want You To”
03 “Why Bother?”
04 “I’m Your Daddy”
05 “Pork & Beans”
06 “Beverly Hills”
07 “Buddy Holly”
08 “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

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