New Midnight Juggernauts – “Shadows (M83 Remix)”

M83’s Saturdays=Youth is a big hit, everybody. Congratulations. You know we love it, the P4kers seem to enjoy it, etc. Best part: Anthony’s just 26 and, judging by his perennial remix parade, showing no signs of letting up anytime soon. Today’s example of M83ery comes with his retouching of Aussie band Midnight Juggernauts’ “Shadows” which, in its original incarnation, is a gauzy, mid-tempo disco-funk thing. In our favorite French alchemist’s hands, though, the track’s transformed into a string of cinema-ready atmospherics laced with his signature sounds — tinkling pianos, celestial vocal coos, synths painting a wide open night sky. It’s gold, Jerry — and it seems like when M83’s involved, it always is.

Midnight Juggernauts – “Shadows” (M83 Remix) (.asx stream)

For comparison shoppers, the original’s streaming at MJ’s MySpace.