Coachella Is One Week Away, But Jack Johnson Reminds Us To Stay Mellow

It feels like just a couple yesterdays ago we were down in Austin living on a diet of nachos and Shiners, but lo and behold — it’s just about time to head Westward to Coachella. We’re psyched. We were already excited about the schedule … and then they added Prince. The best laid plans of festival goers always go to shit, but we’ve been trying to at least figure out some basics, to make sure we maximize our time in the sun. To that end, the folks o’er at Coachella have upped the scheduler they fondly call — wait, wait, wait, wait — the Coachooser. No set times, but at least this is helping us form general blocks of congestion so we can figure out when we may have gaps in our show-going, can try to find and hit on Paris Hilton (we kid, though Amrit doesn’t Ed Note: Yes, yes he does.). If you haven’t found a way to Coachella, this is worthless information, of course. But, well, the fest site has yielded that the mellowest man on Earth might just have a way to get you tickets: Coachella has a Jack Johnson-related contest you can check, which will get you a pair of 3-day passes. You also get the right to lend a hand on the main stage during JJ’s set, but since we’re guessing you might be “busy” around then, just hand it off to the dude wearing teevas you see earlier in the day. Lodgers and drivers, we’ve got a little more info to make your life easier.

It’s all about the green this year, as always. Here’s your incentive to share rides: If you carpool with four or more, you can win tickets to Coachella for life. That might get depressing when you’re 82, but whatevs. Other good things to know include Amrtrak service to and from the grounds on the Coachella Express, and on-site tent hotels. Nearby hotels are way sold out (we tried, to no avail), so if none of those options are happening for you, look into getting a house. That’s what we’re doing this year. We’ll have to bring our own bathing towels, but if that’s the trade off for a pool and afterparty potential … we’ll take it.

Anyway, timetable’s will be set soon, and we’ll get those to you ASAP. See you in the desert.

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