New Free Energy – “Something In Common”

The good-time Philly quartet take it down a notch on “Something In Common,” the B-Side for their debut DFA “Free Energy” 7″. Whereas the James Murphy-produced A-Side was all about ’70s guitar parts and cowbell hits in a sweaty house party awash with friends and balloons, “Something” relies on mellowly seductive “it’s alright” assurances (and a catchy bassline) to propel it forward. Like last time, the guys lock into the sorta grooves that make it clear how their Television/Strokes-esque rock ‘n’ roll ended up on a label housing so many dance-floor experts.

Free Energy – “Something In Common” (MP3)

The “Free Energy” b/w “Something In Common” 7″ is out via DFA. Their full-length Stuck On Nothin’ should be out in early 2010.

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