New Foo Fighters – “Wheels”

You guys had a lot of good suggestions for bands deserving a greatest hits package, a conversation started when news broke that Foo Fighters were finally getting theirs. It’s overdue for the Foos, a band that’s consistently churned out tracks that were relative bright spots on otherwise-vacuous modern-rock radio playlists. (“Radio” was a thing people used to hear new music before the internet.) Dave Grohl’s said his group is taking a break (ostensibly so his supergroup can break), but no Greatest Hits set is worth its weight in promotional value without a new bonus track or two. The Foos set will offer a pair, both produced by Butch Vig: the yet-unheard “Word Forward” and “Wheels,” an all-American rocker which got its all-American debut on the Obama family front yard. It still sounds like it was written for a Greatest Hits package, which is to say it still sounds like Tom Petty, but then Dave’s never shared his previous band’s reticence to dominate the airwaves. There isn’t a bar that goes by that doesn’t feel calculated for effect and purpose. But then, there aren’t many bands at their stage better at calculating. Learn to fly:

Foo Fighters’ Greatest Hits is out 11/2.

01 “All My Life”
02 “Best Of You”
03 “Everlong”
04 “The Pretender”
05 “My Hero”
06 “Learn To Fly”
07 “Times Like These”
08 “Monkey Wrench”
09 “Big Me”
10 “Breakout”
11 “Long Road To Ruin”
12 “This is a Call”
13 “Skin and Bones”
14 “Wheels”
15 “Word Forward”
16 “Everlong” (Acoustic)

Notable omissions: “I’ll Stick Around,” “Walking After You,” “Next Year,” “Let It Die”

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