New Scarlett Johansson (Feat. David Bowie) – “Falling Down”

Another week, another taste of Scarlett doing Waits. Nothing’s changing about our feelings on this record: it is barely average, with decent-to-good Sitek production, forgettable vocals, and fabulous guest spots. We listened to it at Joe’s Pub over the winter and stand by our premature evaluation, right down “Falling Down” being the least bad song on there (congrats everybody!). David Bowie makes his way into the swirling, swelling mix to remind you what a charismatic singing voice sounds like, and Sitek plies enough snowy white space into the latter half to please (read: distract you from Scarlett’s shortcomings). Like we said, it’s not bad, and it’s clear everyone put a lot of work into it, but it all would sound a lot better with not Scarlett Johansson. But you should totally listen at Spinner because admit it, that is an awesome set of tags.