New Röyksopp (Feat Fever Ray) Video – “This Must Be It”

Röyksopp’s futuristic “The Girl & The Robot” video starred a lonesome stay-at-home Robyn longing for her electro-mechanical man. “This Must Be It” includes the voice of Karin Dreijer Andersson, but instead of Fever Ray, the Filip and Andreas Nilsson-directed video for the Junior standout focuses on folks in loincloths and Runar (who?), a motorcycling drummer who battles naysayers and “arrows” to bring rhythm to said loincloths. I’m told this is all something Norwegians will understand. Either way, very triumphant.

The percussion gets more complicated on the bubbling, scattershot remix of the track by Stuart Price, aka the Thin White Duke:

Röyksopp (Feat Fever Ray) – “This Must Be It” (Thin White Duke remix) (MP3)

The “This Must Be It” single is out 11/2 via Astralwerks. It’ll include the above remix along with additional takes by Apparat, Danton Eeprom, Florian Meindl, LehtMoJoe, Maxime Dangles, Moguai, Pete Herbert, Rex the Dog and The Bloody Sisters. You can hear a couple of those here.