Sunny Day Real Estate Share Diary With Fallon

Last night the reunited emo legends gave Jimmy Fallon “Seven,” the first track from their classic 1994 full-length debut Diary. There was more anticipatory energy in the air at that secret show at Hell’s Kitchen in Tacoma a couple weeks ago, but as far as Late Night outings go, the guys do bring it. Not surprising: Between Jeremy Enigk’s solo work and the Foo Fighters, they’re old pros even with fifteen years of SDRE rust. That, and it’s not the first time they brought “Seven” to national TV. Contrast/compare, and take a pass at these shots by Mehan Jayasuria from Sunny Day’s Sunday-night headliner at Terminal 5.

Here they are on Jon Stewart around the time of the original release:

And on 120 Minutes a few days later:

Diary and LP2 were just reissued by Sub Pop. Both were remastered and come with a couple bonus tracks. The remastered “Seven”:

Sunny Day Real Estate – “Seven” (MP3)