New Tegan Quin – “His Love”

Augusten Burroughs writes funny and sad and often devastating books. Tegan & Sara write catchy-ass songs. Maybe sometime’s they’re sorta sad. Tegan Quin recorded “His Love” sans Sara, and she does a good job. (Just like Sara did a fine job by her lonesome when she covered R.E.M. for our Drive XV project.) Here, Tegan maintains an understated, almost early Olympia-style bedroom-pop sensibility. Except when she layers the vocals and piano and doesn’t. She wrote the track especially for the audiobook for Burroughs’ new memoir A Wolf At The Table, which focuses on his relationship with his pops. If you’ve read Running With Scissors, you’ll have an idea of what to expect. Which might give you some insight into “His Love”‘s angle.

Tegan’s is one of four songs written especially for the audiobook, which Burroughs himself is narrating. You can hear this one as well as the others — Patti Smith, Grey’s Anatomy rocker Ingrid Michaelson, and Sea Wolf — streaming at Augusten’s site.

A Wolf At The Table audiobook is out 4/29 via Macmillan Audio.