Dirty Projectors: Working On Two New Albums, Signing With Domino, Remaining Awesome

Longstreth’s making moves, everybody. And because Rise Above transformed us from casual admirers of The Glad Fact, The Getty Address, New Attitude et al to raving Dirty Proselytizers — both on the blog, and off — we are celebrating. Billboard reports that the band is working on not one but double that amount of LPs for release: the first will be for the great Dead Oceans label they are sadly departing, which Pitchfork says will be “an album expanding upon and inspired by the arrangements of Rise Above.” Interesting: After their recent Music Hall of Williamsburg gig, we said of the new material from that night:

It sounds like Longstreth’s extending the Rise Above-incarnation of the band’s mold, at times poppier as in “That’s My Move,” at others an even more jaw dropping meld of time shifts, snaking guitar lines, and those flaring, otherworldly vocal arrangements.

Guess those songs were the ones slated for the Dead Oceans release, then. The other album? That’s for the new label debut. God only knows what Dave has in store for us on that one. Maybe Domino and these forthcoming albums will help transform Dirty Projectors from Every Band In Brooklyn’s Favorite Band to Everyone Else’s Favorite Band. It’s about time. Sign us up.

(Also, you have MP3 of Dirty Projectors’ cover of “Hyperballad” from our tribute to Björk’s Post, right? Of course you do.)