New Remastered Nirvana – “Scoff” (Live In Portland 2/9/90)

Yesterday it was Sunny Day Real Estate flashbacks, today it’s Nirvana (and everyday it’s Pearl Jam). As you likely know by now, in honor of Bleach’s 20th Anniversary, Sub Pop’s releasing a Deluxe Edition of the band’s 1989 debut. It includes a remastered Bleach, along with live performances, and special packaging (48-page CD/16-page LP booklets). One of the live cuts is this previously unreleased version of “Scoff” from the band’s February 1990 show at Portland’s Pine Street Theatre with Screaming Trees and TAD. People wore flannel. The new Bleach features that night’s set in its entirety (you’ll hear “About A Girl,” a cover of the Vaselines’ “Molly Lip”) remixed from the original tapes by Pacific Northwest stalwart/Bleach’s original producer Jack Endino. Take a listen to “Scoff” while you take in the rest of the track list.

Nirvana – “Scoff (Live At Pine Street Theatre)” (MP3)

Bleach 2009:

01 “Blew”
02 “Floyd the Barber”
03 “About a Girl”
04 “School”
05 “Love Buzz”
06 “Paper Cuts”
07 “Negative Creep”
08 “Scoff”
09 “Swap Meet”
10 “Mr. Moustache”
11 “Sifting”
12 “Big Cheese”
13 “Downer”

Live at Pine Street Theatre:

14 “Intro”
15 “School”
16 “Floyd the Barber”
17 “Dive”
18 “Love Buzz”
19 “Spank Thru”
20 “Molly’s Lips”
21 “Sappy”
22 “Scoff”
23 “About a Girl”
24 “Been a Son”
25 “Blew”

Bleach (Deluxe) is out 11/3 via Sub Pop. Echoing the first run of the original release, the first pressing of the double-LP will be on 180 gram white vinyl. Get it?

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