New Woven Bones – “If You’re Gold, I’m Gone”

Dee Dee Dum Dum Girls and Brandon Brandon Welchez of Zoo Music just sent us “If You’re Gold, I’m Gone,” a track from Woven Bones’ four-song Minus Touch 12″ EP. The Austin trio roll into dark fuzzed-out primitive punk-inflected rock ‘n roll, listing Link Wray, Stooges, the Gun Club, the Troggs, the Damned, and VU as inspirations. Or, as Dee Dee put it:

[The song] continues in their tradition of mashing velvets’ grooves, stooges’ energy, early cramps drawl, and JAMC thud —- GRITTY, GNARLY POP TO WAKE THE DEAD!

Like the Stooges, they nail a potent, grinding half-speed crawl. But these guys are from the South, not Michigan. That makes a difference.

Woven Bones – “If You’re Gold, I’m Gone” (MP3)

The Minus Touch EP is out and can be ordered via Zoo Music. It’s limited to 500 copies. Buyers will received a download link so you have it backed up on MP3s. They’re doing a West Coast tour with the Fresh & Onlys in December. Keep watch at MySpace for exact dates.

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