CFCF, Chairlift Remix Datarock

In “The Pretender,” the scarlet-clad Norwegian duo Datarock offer up a Devo-esque anthem (after a “Rio” kick-off) that, lyrically, more or less wants us to know that they are everything to all people — a believer, an achiever, a boy, a girl, South American, North Korean, etc. But it’s “The Pretender” telling us about the shape-shifting. This sorta malleability is one reason it’s a good song for remixing. The newest Red single shows up on a new EP with retoolings by Chairlift and CFCF and three by Holy Ghost. After you take a listen to what the monolithic Montrealer and Marc Jacobs-loving Brooklynites did to it, you can watch the Pascal Forneri and Antoine Bouillo-directed video for the original. It was shot in Paris and was inspired by the 1988 John Carpenter flick They Live. (The one starring “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, yes.) CFCF’s deeper, darker baritone remix goes well with the “spooky” treatment.

Datarock – “The Pretender (Chairlift Remix)”

Datarock – The Pretender (CFCF Remix)”

The video:

“The Pretender” EP is out tomorrow (10/13) via iTunes and other digital download spots. This is what it’ll look like:

01 “The Pretender”
02 “The Pretender (Holy Ghost Radio Edit)”
03 “The Pretender (Chairlift Remix)”
04 “The Pretender (CFCF Remix)”
05 “The Pretender (Holy Ghost Remix)”
06 “The PretenderĀ  (Holy Ghost Remix Dub)”

Red is out via Nettwerk.