New Michael Jackson – “This Is it”

Michael Jackson is dead. But the dream lives on! The dream being finding ways to cash in on a body that essentially checked out long before this year. Depending on who you ask, Jacko was either on the verge of a massive comeback or an incapacitated zombie clown floating through life on a demerol carpet. But this much is certain: There were going to be comeback shows, and people were going to pay all the money to see them. Since that won’t happen, the new plan is to do a limited-run screening of a documentary incorporating footage from the stage show’s rehearsals and a companion album with demos and this wholesome and return-to-formish smooth new love song, the title track to the film titled Michael Jackson’s This Is It. (The Jackson brothers are on backing vocals.) This is it:

The Michael Jackson’s This Is It documentary opens 10/28 for a limited two-week run, and its companion album is out on CD 10/27, and vinyl 11/10, via Sony. It features demo recordings, “songs that inspired the film,” and two versions of “This Is It.” Help the Jackson estate sort its financial drama by buying it at