New Cant (Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor) – “Ghosts”

New Cant (Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor) – “Ghosts”

We were recently introduced to Chris Taylor’s new label with Ethan Silverman, Terrible Records, via its first release Acrylics earlier this month. CT takes a production credit on that band’s debut EP, as he has for Dirty Projectors (Rise Above), Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (self-titled), and Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House and Veckatmest. No surprise then that Taylor handles all facets of the release, recording, and production for the solo track “Ghosts,” his first issue under the name Cant. It’s a great cut, and great fun for fans of Grizzly Bear curious to hear how their sound comes together. With Rossen’s (not quite solo project but still) Department Of Eagles, we got to hear a relatively unchecked expression of his unique compositional sense. There’s an interestingly crafted song here, too, but with Cant the emphasis is on sound and aural vibe first, which is what you’d expect from the hands that shaped Grizzly’s studio efforts: “Ghosts” packs (yes) ghostly harmonies, the odd tambourine hit, that distinctive bass tone and spacious yet filigreed arrangement. You know the voice from myriad GB backing vocals; it’s nice to hear it out front for a change. The track does mix an spectral airiness with an underwatery wobble, which makes sense with all the allusions to swimming — and drowning.

Cant – “Ghosts” (MP3)

Cant’s debut 7″ is out today via Terribe, featuring “Ghosts” b/w the unreleased Arthur Russell folk track “Come To Life.” (If you’ll remember, Chris curated last year’s collection of Arthur Russell rarities, the excellent Love Is Overtaking Me.)

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