New Lykke Li – “I’m Good I’m Gone” (Chuck Brody Remix)

Leave it Lykke Li to pull off Hammer pants and oversized silk blouses and still get half of Sweden to dance. Like M.I.A., she clearly has her own specific style and precise aesthetic, which is part of what makes a remix of her work interesting — seeing what happens when the material’s shifted around by someone else’s hands. Recently, Bjorn Yttling asked Chuck Brody of NYC production crew Shitake Monkey to have a go at “I”m Good I’m Gone” and do just that. Brody was in his studio with Sam Champion bassist/Gossip Girl-star Jack Dolgen, who’s working on a solo album for his other project, Maricopa, so he joined in as well. The results? Quite a different sort of dance floor.

Lykke Li – “I’m Good I’m Gone” (Chuck Brody Remix)” (MP3)

Hey, we like that more than a little bit. Speaking of which, here’s Lykke doing her signature song stripped-down style on Jools Holland

If you’re in the Tri-State area, she has some shows coming up early next week with El Perro del Mar:

05/06 – Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brendas
05/07 – New York, NY @ Joes Pub
05/08 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom

You’ll find more at her MySpace.