New Oasis Demos – “Nothin’ On Me” / “I Wanna Live A Dream (In My Record Machine)” / “Stop The Clocks”

Six months ago Liam Gallagher railed against the “Radiohead model” of album distribution, saying Oasis would give their new music away “over my dead body.” Today, Liam Gallagher died. Three demo MP3s from Oasis’s recording sessions for their seventh album are doing laps of the internet today, but of course they are disappearing just as quickly. Rather than play mouse hunt, we went the streaming GooTube route. The new tunes see Liam sneer (“Nothin’ On Me”), Noel get sensitive (“I Wanna Live In A Dream [In My Record Machine]”), and Noel get even more sensitive (“Stop The Clocks”). First, the sneer:

“Nothin’ On Me”

Now, the gush.

“I Wanna Live A Dream (In My Record Machine)”

“Stop The Clocks”

Wiki says the Gallagher’s have been talking up these last two tunes since September 2002 and 2001, respectively (and of course “Stop The Clocks” was the title of that greatest hits comp from 2006). You’d figure the ideas would be a little more fully developed six years later, but to paraphrase that old chestnut, you can’t rush arrogance.

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