New Julian Casablancas – “River Of Brakelights”

The release date for Phrazes For The Young has been pushed back into November, but Julian’s solo stroke is still on course with its streaming bits, first via lead single “11th Dimension,” most recently with a four-minute album preview. The next Casablancas-sanctioned listen is “River Of Brakelights,” which is itself about as ADD as Friday’s LP collage sampler. Julian said he was trying “to capture the catchiness of modern music,” but this one is more about capturing the schizophrenic anxiety of post-Yorke music. Weird arpeggios and breakneck beats swirl in phrazes, while the key gradually modulates upward in total. Try substituting “getting the hang of it” for “the raindrops” and you have a “Sit Down. Stand Up.” freakout. Somebody get Julian a valium.

Phrazes For The Young is out 11/3 via Cult/RCA.