New Tokyo Police Club – “Tessellate (Tom Campesinos! Remix)”

When we gave warm but tempered thumbs up to Tokyo Police Club’s Elephant Shell, we made note that “somehow bassist/vocalist David Monks sounds more like Colin Meloy than he has previously, especially on ‘Tessellate’ … Maybe it’s just the way he says ‘tessellate.'” Or maybe it’s just that he says “tessellate” at all. Colin does love big words and sibilance. On this remix by Tom Campesinos! of, yes, Los Campesinos!, the strum and chirp of the instruments are darkened and distorted, revealing Monks in a more Reznor-esque revelry. Yeah, we’re massively exaggerating, but still there is a contrast.

Tokyo Police Club – “Tessellate (Tom Campesinos! Remix)” (MP3)

This remix is on the new “Tessellate” 7″ as well as the limited-edition Elephant Shell. You can grab the 7″ from TPC on their tour or via Saddle Creek’s online store. So, without looking, anyone besides SAT instructors know what “tessellate” means?

Elephant Shell is out now in the US via Saddle Creek and in the UK via Memphis Industries.