New Cure – “The Only One”

When we told you the Cure were planning to release a single a month until the September release of their still-untitled 13th album, a commenter asked, “Does anyone care????” (give or take a ?). Well, the rest of the thread shows quite a few of you do. So then — the first of four singles are out, though it might not sound too new if you’re a big fan: We first heard “The Only One” last year when the band was in Mexico. There’s the live take and then the one they put to tape in the studio, where you get a slightly clearer sense of Robert’s sensual, lip-sucking and hips-loving sunniness.

(Via P4K)

Yeah, it’s not one of their best love songs, but it is one of their loves songs, and we’re usually pretty happy to hear new songs from the Cure, especially when they’re so happy. Plus, the Cure wrote some of the best love songs ever … kinda hard for them to top themselves at this point. So what are we saying? We’re not amazed, but we’re also not surprised at that lack of amazement.

“The Only One” is out 5/13 on Geffen. More to come.

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