Corban Goble

Corban Goble


Believe is a great pop record, and its successes have more to do with the writing but also Bieber's performances are great. Half of Nicki's album is incredible (and I'm also swaded by some strong tracks on the re-up like "I Endorse These Strippers"
tilla u r a god
The Mind Is So Complex When You're Based
thanks Michael_. i obviously don't love when you attack others just trying to do their thing and express their feelings about something, but i really appreciate your passion and i like your blog. i think you're a good writer who really cares about the subject matter and that's not something everyone can tout, you know? it's a good thing. Next time you get angry just put on "Headlines" and shit will work out
Somebody's gotta do it. Just happy it's me and I can help out the alma mater.
From what I know, that Q&A is going to be in the new Best Music Writing 2012 book that's going to be published soon. It's not part of the Da Capo series anymore, but it's independently published and guest-edited by ?uestlove! So, look out for that #PLUG
"Keep your heart, 3 stacks, keep your heart" is the best advice that I've ever gotten that was in no way intended for me
Hey raptor jesus, put away all of your breakable stuff if you can -- I want to minimize the damage to your personal effects when the SWAT team breaks into your house just now. Just bein' thoughtful, welcome


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