Pulled the previous embed cuz it wasn't playing on our site, anyone else have that problem? Seems to work on YouTube though. Weird. Go there 4 now gang, Radio Killer 4 Life.
Also, for those here/on Twitter bringing up the concept of "spotify getting rich while artists are getting poor," you've definitely hit an interesting tension of what's going on and I'm not trying to discount that. But this is about valuation -- in this case, it's usually a "present value" calculation that's an estimation of a company's value based on potential future gains -- so they're not rich by any means yet (the capital provided by places like GS and VCs probably provides for their current operating costs). But, say the company goes public in a few years -- CNN Money speculates that valuation might be as high as $12 billion -- then it'll be pretty interesting to see what the breakdown is.
No link out to "Pizza Party?"
anyone know of when that patch that makes Alice Glass an unlockable player is dropping? I wanna pair her w/ Biebs for a legendary backcourt
Taylor sold 344k more in her second week. Kendrick still top 5:
I def do think that CRJ record is overlooked, and trying to figure out the mechanics of that def throws a wrench into some of my argument here. Good Hive piece on this very topic: Related: "This Kiss" totally r00lz
you've said nothing new about my avatar that wasn't said about it the first day I started working here so I must remain UPVOTE NEUTRAL
The Illuminati headquarters in Zurich has a media room w/ free wifi & coffee so we usually meet there and hash it out.
Alar would I be wrong if I said that part of "All Too Well" sounded downright Oberst-ian?
it's distributed by UMG though. I see your point and recognize I made an inaccurate assumption. I also tend to group Sub Pop w/ major labels from a resource standpoint (Warner owns 49%)
I have a hard time believing that it's common for ANY band would turn down a pretty standard recording contract that guarantees certain important resources + a major label's resouces and built-in publicity machinery. The front-ends of these deals -- signing bonuses -- are NOT a lot of money, so that can't be the only reason. A subsidy surely helps the quality of the recording and work, no? Unless they could totally get by on their own label, a luxury most cannot afford.
Right, and Kendrick's album was also the $5 deal on Amazon. Even adjusting for that (hypothetical) inflation let's not take away from the fact that Kendrick sold a mound of records.
nah I do it from time to time AKA when Kitty Pryde puts a mixtape out and thanks for the nice stuff!
Scene 2 INT. GARAGE - DAY DAD: What's that smell out there? TEEN INTERNET GENIUS: DADDDDDDDDD! If that's not in the pilot they're diluting the vision
that would have triggered a MLLM (Miranda Lambert Level Meltdown): But, I will say ... if we did a "song of the week" pooling the best song from that week's releases, I don't see how it's not T Swift's "22"
Image and video hosting by TinyPic GIFFFFSSSSSSS (via Kevin)
See you later today "Ride" video
A BIT OF TRIVIA FOR YOU: Sgum senior writer Tom Breihan is in the "Denial Twist" video. CAN YOU SPOT HIM?!
Marc Hogan points out at Spin: "Only, where Love shrieks, "I see you standing / Whatever for? / All abandoned like an old whore," JEFF howl, "I see you standing / Whatever for? / All abandoned like old Courtney Love." Totally did not catch that the first time! Did not know we had a potential TWITTER CONTROVERSY on our hands!
These fans should look on the bright side, though; at least they didn't have to hear more songs from 'Blunderbuss.'
WHAT'S THE STORY, WISHBONE?! Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The first I ever heard of 'Cyrano de Bergerac' was on 'Wishbone.' Shouts out to Wishbone!
Whoa the YouTube edit of "Under The Sea" I randomly picked goes _hard_ all the way through. YOU'LL SEE
Right, it's like the ever-shifting lineup of MMG, too. Critically, it's just easier to focus on the central figures who are pulling the other auxiliary parties into the fray.
wait have you guys not heard "Clique" or something?
I meant as prolifically as Hollis. I'll edit so that's more clear.
yeah, Sean's goodwill earned on "Mercy" and "Burn" was basically shredded by his leadoff here. I fux with "As Long As You Love Me" though, obviously.
Did I make Wikipedia for this yet? (
so how do you know that the mixtape wasn't just 11 "Good Life"s?
Image and video hosting by TinyPic I don't want your work to go unnoticed!
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